Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being sick sucks.

Here I am sitting on my bed with an urgency to visit the loo every hour. As I go in and out again all I can think is wish it didn't happen, if only I would have slept after coming back home rather than going out with friends. God is punishing me for procrastinating sleep and this punishment sucks. Why, why why loose motions why god why?? I could have done away with fever, my crime wasn't that big but just not this. I hate sickness and loose motions to top it all are bad. All I can do is play poker, my mind doesn't work and only sort of support I have is from these rock guys shouting at the top of their voice _\m/ ....I hope its over soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A mechanical and automation engineer!

What comes to your mind when i say the words "Mechanical and automation engineer"??
I can bet that the first thought that comes to your mind is a car, but there's a lot more to this breed of humans than just cars.

They are involved in making of almost everything, from a toothbrush to a big mine digger, everything. The field is a real vast one, from manufacturing to design to quality control and assurance, you'll find these guys everywhere.

This lot of engineers is damn lazy. Its their laziness that drives them to make up stuff which makes things easier to do and the lesser the effort required happier they are!!

Their efficiency is directly proportional to their laziness (am quite lazy myself) but it might cause a problem at some stage when they get too lazy to even work so they need a source of motivation too (having a sexy girlfriend helps ;))!!

When you can say nothing at all

There are times when you feel real low in life. All your friends turn their back on you and you can say nothing at all. Thats the time when you realise what your worth is, who are the people who really care. Just went through one such phase in my life. Now really am in a tizzy about who actually are my friends, seems like faces have started being unmasked by time and am able to know what so many people around me feel about me....:(